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Maine Rafting, Snowmobiling and Vacation Videos

See for yourself what a classic Maine adventure getaway is in all seasons, Spring, summer, fall and winter.

Rafting Videos of the Week:

2015 Kennebec Turbine Test Release Dates - Northern Outdoors

2015 Kennebec Turbine Test Release Dates - Northern OutdoorsKennebec River Turbine Tests are the biggest whitewater trips in the Northeast! There are only 4 Turbine Test releases in 2015: Saturday June 13th, Monday July 6th, Saturday September 12th and Saturday September 26th. See what you're in for on a full day Kennebec Turbine Test special high water release. At a guaranteed 8000 cfs, this is almost DOUBLE the size of the normal release levels on the Kennebec River. During a Turbine Test, Brookfield Power in western Maine tests their generating turbines by releasing the maximum amount of water possible from Harris Station Dam. Northern Outdoors was the first rafting company in the state of Maine, with first commercial descents of all three of Maine's amazing white water rivers: the Kennebec, the Penobscot, & the Dead River.
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2015 Dead River Release Dates - Northern Outdoors

2015 Dead River Release DatesThe Dead River 2015 Release Dates include 4 days in May, 1 in June, 2 in September, and 1 in October. Watch the action on the most continuous white water river in all of New England! With 4 different release levels of 7000 cfs (HUGE), 6000 cfs (still huge), 5500 cfs (big), and 3500 cfs (summer flows), this river has a personality to suit every adventure type. Rafting with Northern Outdoors on the Dead River puts you smack in the middle of river-running excitement! This dam-controlled river has only 8 special releases per season with heart-pounding Class III, IV, and V whitewater from below Grand Falls to the confluence of the Kennebec and Dead Rivers. Find out why people return to enjoy this river year after year.
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McCarthy Family Rafting Vacation: A 25 Year Tradition - Video of the Week August 19, 2014

Maine Family Rafting - Northern OutdoorsHear what the McCarthy family has to say about their tradition of taking a Maine whitewater rafting vacation with Northern Outdoors every summer. The McCarthy family and friends have been rafting with Northern Outdoors for 25 years. We sat down with them one sunny afternoon on the banks of the Kennebec River and they shared some of their favorite memories of the past quarter century with us. Their kids started when they were 10 years old and remember huge fun, while rafting in all kinds of weather. Thanks for an awesome 25 years McCarthys, we look forward to making memories with you guys for another 25 years!
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Penobscot Region: Off the River Attractions -Video of the Week July 23, 2014

Penobscot Katahdin - Northern OutdoorsThe Penobscot river region, also known as Maine's Katahdin Region, is packed with cool things to do when you get off the river. This video showcases some area attractions that are literally minutes from our Northern Outdoors Penobscot River rafting center location. Mt. Katahdin, Moose Watching, and the Debsconeag Ice Caves are just a few activities that are available in this area. The Katahdin region is only 4 hours from Portland Maine, less than a day's drive from Boston, and literally world's away in terms of breathtaking wilderness, scenery, and abundant wildlife. Hundreds of lakes are in this region as well, including the largest lake in Maine, Moosehead Lake. The Northern Forest Canoe Trail travels through this region into Moosehead Lake. Thoreau also traveled this region and wrote about it in his famous literary work, "The Maine Woods". 
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Untamed New England 2014 Adventure Race Recap - Northern Outdoors July 8, 2014

Adventure Race - Northern OutdoorsThe 2014 Untamed New England is 200+ mile adventure race that took place in the 100 Mile Wilderness area of Maine. Northern Outdoors hosted this years event and this video provides a glimpse into world of adventure racing and showcases this beautiful region of Maine that we call home. This ARWS sanctioned multi-day adventure race tests the elite adventure racers from around the world. Hosted at Northern Outdoors, and sponsored by AMC, this race brought over 100 racers plus press, race-crews, and fans to western Maine for one of the best Untamed New England adventure races held yet. The race included white water rafting, kayaking, rock climbing/belaying, mountain biking, orienteering, and running over an awe-inspiring wilderness course.
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Maine Rafting- Penobscot River Surfing Video of the Week- June 24, 2014

Penobscot River rafting - Northern OutdoorsPenobscot River rafting with Northern Outdoors is so much more than just a straight paddle down the rivah!! We stop and surf (yep, not quite like the Hawaiian surfers but same concept) in several places on the river that offer incredible fun and thrills. Surfing a 16 foot raft on the Penobscot is something for your bucket list of Maine adventures, for sure. This video showcases some of our favorite spots on the river. In addition to surfing, we paddle our rafts through gorgeous Ripgenous Gorge with breathtaking scenery, right past looming Mt Katahdin, the northern terminus of the famous Appalachian Trail in Baxter State Park, and stop for a ridiculously decadent hot grilled lunch along the riverbank mid way down the river. This is a Yankee Magazine best New England Adventures trip! The Penobscot runs from Memorial Day to the week after Labor Day - come on and join us.
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2014 Whitewater Rafting Maine Season Begins @ Northern Outdoors!  - June 2, 2014

Maine white water rafting - Northern OutdoorsGood bye winter!! It's time to get back on the river with exciting spring whitewater levels and expert guide staff. We've got the rafts out, equipment checks done, and happy new guide staff trained up on the Kennebec River this past May as Registered Maine Guides. (Senior expert staff are the only ones we put on the Dead and Penobscot Rivers.) We're looking forward to more fun, big waves, and happy guests on vacation with us @ Maine's favorite adventure resort. See you on the river and at the Kennebec River Brewery after the trip!
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2014 Dead River Release Dates -  April 11, 2014

2014 Dead River Release Dates - Northern OutdoorsThe 2014 Dead River Release Dates are here! May, June, August, September, and October, at varying releases from 7000cfs to 6000cfs, 5000cfs, and 5500cfs. With the big winter snowpack we might expect spring releases to be even higher. The Dead River only runs 8 times a year. It's the most continuous whitewater trip in New England! The trip builds in intensity with great warm-up rapids at the top, and culminates in the Class IV-V Poplar Hill Falls at the end. The wilderness and scenery are outstanding, if you have time to look! The trip ends just 5 miles upstream of our Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort at The Forks Resort Center. Not into HUGE white water? Book a lower volume release at 5000cfs or 5500cfs!
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2014 Kennebec River Turbine Test High Water Release Dates - April 3, 2014

Kennebec Turbine Test 2014 Release Dates - northern outdoorsOnly 4 releases in 2014: June 14, July 7, Sept 6, Sept 20. Watch the Kennebec in action during these special high release Turbine Tests. At 8000 cfs, this is the highest guaranteed CFS water release in the East! It's almost DOUBLE the size of the normal release levels on the Kennebec River. During a Turbine Test, Brookfield Power in western Maine tests their generating turbines by releasing the maximum amount of water possible from Harris Station Dam. Northern Outdoors is the pioneer outfitter in Maine, with first commercial descents of all three of Maine's white water rivers: the Kennebec, the Penobscot, & the Dead River.
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Aerial Views of Kennebec River Rafting: Northern Outdoors Video of the Week Sept 3, 2013

maine kennebec river rafting - northern outdoorsOh do we have a new and fabulous video toy!! Check out this aerial footage of Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort and this Labor Day weekend whitewater rafting trip on the Kennebec River. You'll see the Maine Woods and rugged Kennebec River gorge like you never have before! Big Mama, Magic Falls, Harris Station Dam (and beautiful Indian Pond above it), along with our riverside beach lunch hot spot. Sunny side of the river - oh yeah! Class 3 and 4 rapids start out the Kennebec rafting trip with a bang, after lunch the river broadens into an easygoing playful treat. Northern Is the only company that brings inflatable kayaks for guests to enjoy after lunch on the wider river sections - kids (little and big) LOVE these...
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Penobscot River Wonders: Video of the Week @ Northern Outdoors July 1, 2013

The Penobscot River is your chance to experience incredible wilderness, close to home in the North East. This spectacular river and region is located in central Maine, next to Baxter State Park and literally flows past Mt Katahdin, the tallest mountain in Maine and home to the northern terminus of the well-known Appalachian Trail. The Penobscot River is a scenic 4 hour drive from Portland, Maine. It's well worth the effort because is the untouched wilderness experience, thrilling Class 4-5 whitewater, breathtaking Ripogenous Gorge, and pure tranquility you can't find anywhere many places in the world, much less the busy Northeast. Treat yourself, and you'll wonder what took you so long. (That's what we keep telling ourselves and we get to work and play here - whoa!) Connect, Play, Relax, Enjoy - Penobscot River rafting and the Mt Katahdin wilderness area give us that and much more.
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Hiking Spectacular Mt. Katahdin: Video of the Week @ Northern Outdoors June 25, 2013

This week's Video Of The Week from Northern Outdoors features the impressive scenery and 360 degree views of hiking trip of Mt. Katahdin. Mt Katahdin, located in Baxter State Park in the Penobscot River watershed, is Maine's tallest peak and the northern terminus of the famous Appalachian Trail. Mt. Katahdin is just a half hour drive from Northern Outdoor's Penobscot River rafting operations on Pockwockamus Pond. Hiking up this popular peak is a very doable day trip with serious views and scenery as your rewards. The guide staff at Northern took a day to explore, before hitting the Class 3-5 Penobscot River the following day to raft with happy river guests.
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Maine Rafting: Kennebec River Fun : Video of the Week @Northern Outdoors June 11, 2013

How big are big waves on the Kennebec River! Whoa! This latest video-of-the-week from Northern Outdoors gets some "wicked good" faceshots of happy rafters running the very big waves on Maine's most popular whitewater rafting river! Does this look like fun? Hmmm, do fish like water?! We finally had some warm sunny weather up in The Forks this past week and did we all take advantage of it! The Upper Kennebec Gorge has the really big waves and Class 3-4 whitewater fun with scenery that will knock your booties off (no socks unless it's winter, right?). After a hot grilled lunch on a sunny beach by the river halfway down, we then get back in our rafts as well as 1 and 2 person inflatable duckies to enjoy the scenic, milder, and oh-so-relaxing playspots of the Lower Kennebec River. This is where you get to "choose" to swim!
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2013 Kennebec Turbine Test High Water Release Dates

Hold on tight for the 2013 Kennebec River Turbine Test Releases! These annual high water releases on Maine's Kennebec River offer 8000 CFS of pure, liquid enjoyment to rafting guests from all over. Northern Outdoors runs these trips 4 times a year, and they fill up! Kennebec Turbine Test Turbine Test rafting trips enjoy 8000CFS water flows, which is nearly DOUBLE the Kennebec River's normal whitewater rafting release volume. During a Turbine Test, FPL tests their generating turbines by releasing the maximum amount of water possible from Harris Station Dam.

2013 Dead River Release Dates

Maine's Dead River Release Dates for 2013 arrive in style at Northern Outdoors! Check out the Dead River action in this video, and see the different water levels per each release date. The biggest whitewater is in May with 2 releases at 7000CFS each, then summer releases are 5500 to 3500CFS. The last release of 2013 in early October is 6000CFS. This is always Octoberfest weekend at Northern's Kennebec River Brewery, too. See why Dead River Rafting in Maine is wickedly popular. It's limited to 8 releases a season per Maine regs so book early to get your spot.

GoPro Camera Action: Fall High Water Kennebec & Dead River + Octoberfest - Sept 25, 2012

GoPro camera team captures the CLOSEUP Fall rafting action on high water Kennebec and Dead River rafting trips Sept 15th and 22nd. This week's video of the week includes both rivers, video boater kayaking (underwater) action, and some tasty Octoberfest brew tasting at Northern's own Kennebec River Brewery post-rafting. (There's still space on the Oct 6th final Dead River and Oct 7 final Kennebec River trips of 2012!)

Why Guests Dig Fall Rafting: Kennebec River Video of the Week - Sept 10, 2013

Northern Outdoors Fall Kennebec River Rafting Video Of The Week. Hear what guests say they love about Fall rafting trips. Hint, warm water and no bugs, as well as the standard awesome whitewater, gourmet grilled lunches, and ducky playtime.

Why Whitewater Rafting Guides Love The Fall "Gold" Season: VOTW Sept 5, 2012

We asked a few long time Northern Outdoors whitewater rafting guides (James, Trevor, Kris, Greg, and Ryan) why they love the Fall rafting season in Maine. From fall foliage, to intimate rafting trips, Dead River releases, awesome Octoberfest brews, sweet fishing, and nearby scenic hiking, we think they pretty much covered it all! Check it out for yourself - and come on up for our "Gold" season!

August Roundup of Summer Rafting, Brewery, and Fun at Northern Outdoors! Aug 29, 2012

James hams it up and shows us exactly what's so much fun about a getaway to Northern Outdoors! Check out this end of August Video of the Week, with highlights from the past week of whitewater rafting, brewery specials, and fun at Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort. (And, it's not too late to name the new Double Brown Ale!!!)  

Kennebec River Rafting: Video of the Week July 19th, 2012

Ooh, big waves, LOTS of cool, clear water, sparkly sunshine, friends, family, and talented guides. That's our recipe for staying Perfectly Cool - in the peak summer heat. Check out this fun clip of Kennebec River rafting action from last week. The inflatable kayaks at the end are on the lower Kennebec section. Northern is the only outfitter who provides this fun option for everyone on every trip.

Penobscot River: Nesowadnehunk Falls, Video of the Week July 10th, 2012

This week's video features the Penobscot River's infamous rapid known as Nesowadnehunk Falls. This "Whitewater Playground" of sorts, has some great surf holes and can be run multiple times in one trip! Northern trips stop and play here because it is so much fun.

July Beat The Heat Rafting: Video of the Week July 5th, 2012

Maine Summer Rafting: Perfect Temps, Perfect Water, Perfect Trip!   It's a gorgeous, perfect summer day at Northern Outdoors in western Maine! Temps in the high 70s and low 80s, water temps in the 60s, tons of awesome whitewater rafting, followed by an evening at Maine's favorite adventure resort, home to the only brewery at a rafting company in the US (that we know of!). Wow! Is that your kind of great vacation with family and friends?

Keene State College Leadership Program June 5, 2012 Video of the Week

How about a week long college outdoor leadership course with whitewater rafting on the Dead River, rappelling & rock climbing, hiking, and so much more at Northern Outdoors. That's the spring Keene State College Outdoor Leadership program.

Penobscot River Rafting Video of the Week May 29th, 2012

Watch opening day whitewater rafting on the Penobscot River this past Memorial Day Weekend! Weather was absolutely perfect, and river treated everyone to wickedly good time and fun surfing. Northern Outdoors runs a thrilling top to bottom run on this intense and scenic Class IV-V river.


Kennebec Rafting & KRB Black Lager: Video of the Week May 20th, 2012

Check out the gorgeous early season rafting weather on the Kennebec and a special introduction of our newest handcrafted beer at our Kennebec River Brewery: Black Lager. Reviews so far - perfect!

Dead River Opening Day May 12, 2012! Big Water and Lots of Sunshine!

Opening Day for Dead River Rafting at 6000 CFS -BIG water on the Dead River for this first release of the year! Lots of water and sunshine made for a great day! Check out the action - this group came up for a Bachelor Party rafting party weekend - uber-adventure style!!!

Northern Outdoors Welcomes YOU to Maine Whitewater Rafting!  May 2012

This is what Maine whitewater rafting with Northern Outdoors looks like! Watch the Kennebec River, Penobscot River, and Dead River in action.

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Your Family Package was a great way to introduce our two suburban, TV loving children to the wonders of Maine. And, it didn't hurt that the whitewater rafting was more exciting than any theme park ride! Our family will definitely be back.

– Jim M. - Norwalk, CT
Just had the best time ever rafting the Kennebec. Will be back to do Dead River and the Penobscot. Thank you all for such a fantastic time. The staff/ guides are all stars. Hopefully see you all next year

– Catherine L.