2009 Snowmobiling – Affordable Winter Fun on a Budget

Mark Schaub putting his SkidDoo through its paces in The Forks, MaineWhen I pulled out my snowmobile gear in December, I found a receipt in my snow pants for gas that shocked me for a couple of reasons. First, the date on the receipt said April 5th, 2008.

In all the excitement of  getting ready for winter it had escaped me that it was only 8 months since I was last riding. And the riding at the end of the season was really good.

The second point that took me aback, was that the receipt was for over $30 and my sled only holds 7 1/2 gallons! If you’re like me I’m sure you will recall how last summer’s spike in gas prices made you rethink road trips, vacations, and days off from work which normally would be no-brainers. That’s why I am looking at today’s $2 bucks a gallon at the pumps as a personal invitation to take as many trips north to snowmobile this winter as I can.

For those of you who know me, you’re aware I’m prone to dishing out advice on how to have fun, but it isn’t very often I can do that AND save you money at the same time…..So, here’s my advice for winter 2009.

Compared to other winter activities, I’ve found snowmobiling to be an affordable and exciting weekend adventure.  Sure, you could stay home next weekend, go out for dinner and a movie Friday, shopping on Saturday, bar-hopping Saturday night and spend Sunday running errands. I can almost guarantee by the time you’ve factored in, dinner, drinks that new pair of shoes that were a steal at $200 and other incidentals, you’ll be spending just as much in one weekend at home as I’ll be spending enjoying myself exploring Maine’s magnificent snowmobile trail system. If you look at it my way, how can you afford not to head north and experience a weekend of riding The Forks Area Snowmobile Trails.

See you on the trails

Mark Schaub (yep that’s me above, riding the powdah on Feb 7th, 2009.)

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