7/22-7/24 weekend

Northern Outdoors is THE BEST! I look forward to my rafting every year (as I have for about the past 15 years). There is no other company that I’d go with other than Northern (we tried others early on), or place I’d stay other than the POC, rafting the Penobscot. It’s a tradition. So much so, that this year I brought my daugher for the first time – I told her that she would know by lunch time if either it weren’t for her, or by then she would already be thinking in her head, “can I get here AGAIN this summer”. She chose the latter.

I tell everyone about your outstanding reputation, professionalism, what a good bunch of people you all are, about all of the friends I’ve made there, and of course the memories made- SO MUCH FUN! I just love you guys! Of course, the experience would not be the same without our Moe – we request him every year and look forward to spending the day with him. What a great guy!I can’t say enough – everyone there rocks! We already have the date saved for next year and wouldn’t miss it for the world. I say every year, “one of these times, I’m just not going back home”. Maybe you can find a job for me up there some day! LOL!

Take care all, and thanks again for another outstanding experience. All the newbies we brought are hooked and will be back as well! : ) I’m attaching a picture – not sure where the other 1/2 of our group was, but this is 6 of our 12 (and one of me & my girl).

Lisa M
Ayer, MA

Rating: 5 *****

Penobscot River Whitewater Rafting
The Penobscot Outdoor Center

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