A New Bridge Over The Dead River for Hut to Hut Hiking Trips

Library at Flagstaff Lake Hut - Maine Huts and TrailsHut to hut hiking trips in Maine are a unique experience.  When most people think of huts, they think of tiny, cramped, dark buildings and creaky outhouses.  Nothing could be farther from those images than the Huts of Maine Huts and Trails.

The Huts are more like eco-lodges, built with green materials in an environmentally friendly way, with solar powered lights in the great room and library (yes library, with couches and books!), a drying room for wet gear, hot showers and composting bathroom facilities.  Overnight guests sleep in bunk houses with radiant heated floors.  The great room has large dining tables and home cooked meals are prepared by onsite lodge managers who double as chefs.

Foot Bridge Over The Dead River - Maine Huts & Trails SystemMulti-night guided hiking adventures are a great way to visit the huts and a new foot bridge over the Dead River, being dedicated October 9, 2010, now completes the link between the Carrabassett Valley and the Kennebec / Dead River region.  The Grand Falls Hut is just about complete and will have its Grand Opening on October 9th too.  Those wishing to attend the opening and dedication can meet at Northern Outdoors at 10:00 am to be bused to Grand Falls.  Call (207) 265-2400 to reserve your spot on the bus!

Visiting these huts is a wonderful way to see fall foliage in Maine.  Taking a day hike to these great facilities is a memorable treat.  Hiking between them for a several day adventure is even better.  The Maine Huts and Trails system of people-powered trails is specifically designed to allow year-round access for hikers, cross country skiers and casual adventurers to be able to access and appreciate some of the remote and special places of western Maine.

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