AWESOME! As usual. ;)

This was the 6th time that my wife and I have gone rafting with you guys, and each time is better than the last. We have done the Penobscot four times, the Kennebec once and this was our first Dead River run (and yes, we will be doing it again). Everything was great. We had a couple of first timers and a few seasoned veterans, and your staff was more than up to the task of making sure that we all had a great time, right down to providing the perfect weather ;). Term and Dave were a great pair of guides (this was our third year in a row with Term) and were a lot of fun on the river.

This was our second year using the cabin lodging and everything there was perfect as well. All 11 of us had a nice comfortable room/bed and a great place to hang out once the lodge closed for the night.

I plan on coming back to Northern Outdoors to do all of our Maine rafting trips until I’m too old to hold a paddle, which is hopefully a very long time.
My only suggestion would be this… I saw that you guys had one of the rafts set up with an on-board camera to capture some individual raft action. I think that this would be a great idea to do this with more (if not all) of the rafts to capture some real fun moments that people would love to have captured on film, and maybe even sell an “individual raft highlights” DVD with each trip. 😉

Thanks again, for a great time… Again. 😉

Scott W
Westborough, MA

Rating: 5 *****

Dead River Whitewater Rafting
Maine Cabins

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