Awesome Trip

The trek up from Little Rhody was well worth while. It was my first trip rafting and had a great experience, despite the rain and unseasonably cold air. Two things stood out to me most. One, Dawn was the tour leader and our rafting guide and she was outstanding. Not only did she serve us all drinks the night before… but once we were on the water, she was serious when she needed to be serious and fun when she needed to be fun. She struck a great balance and fostered a great adventure for all of us.

Also, I was most impressed by the incredible teamwork of the entire Northern Outdoors staff. Between bartending & waiting tables, leading the rafting trips, organizing the wetsuits and gear, cooking lunch, and likely a myriad other tasks that I didn't even see.

A+ on all fronts! I will certainly recommend Northern Outdoors to anyone looking for outdoor adventure in New England!

Christopher C
Providence, Rhode Island

Rating: 5 *****

Dead River Whitewater Rafting

Maine Outdoor Adventure Resort

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