Our family of 6 (aged 8 – 50+) were given Dave as a guide when we were bussed to the dam. I stayed with the 8 yr old and we were taken 6 miles down river to meet up with the rest of the group. The rest of the family got to meet Big Momma and her sisters and went swimming in the river (on Sept 28th!)

They picked us up and we crossed the river where the guides serve up some GORP and some delicious BBQ (and a couple of grilled cheese for one of the kids). After the cleanup, we all got back in the rafts and headed down the river through a few more rapids. When the river calmed down a little, the guides let the kids get in the attached kayaks and they paddled their way down the river beside us.

The whole family had a great time (even though two of us aren't outdoorsey people). Dave was great with the kids as well as the adults and shared a lot of Info about the area.

I would recommend this trip with Northern Outdoors to anyone. In fact, my husband (who was working in the area) intended to go back the next weekend to do another river, but he was sent to another job site before he got a chance to.

Thanks for the great experience.

Raeann K
Tignish, Prince Edward Island

Rating: 5 *****

Family Rafting Adventure in Maine


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