Awesome Weekend Getaway

When the best man in my high school friends wedding invited me to come to the stag party, I though “Eh, should be fun” Then I found out where and what we were doing… and I got super excited, since white water rafting was something I always wanted to do.

The folks at Northern Outdoors blew me away! The Lynx cabin was way beyond anything I had imagined, and the brewery on site served up some of the best craft beers I’ve had in quite some time. Then we got to the rafting portion of the trip and with all the rain we had that weekend I thought for sure the trip would scrubbed due to flooding in areas around us, but no we hit some of the fastest and biggest stuff the Dead river had to offer with our guide Victor (who looked like a kid in a candy shop back there steering on one quick glance back)

All in all, it was an excellent trip and I will definitely be making the trip back up to do the other 2 rivers they have to offer at some point. If you get the chance, dive right and go! These folks will make more than worth your while!

Bruce E,

Dryden, New York

Rating: 5 *****

Dead River Bachelor Party Weekend

Maine Outdoor Adventure Resort

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