Big Water Adventures with Turbine Test Days for Kennebec River Rafting

Kennebec River Turbine TestWhitewater rafting New England style is always an special experience, with unique waterways and scenery.  The Kennebec River Gorge is a one-of-a-kind place offering rugged beauty to rafters. 

Wild rides on Kennebec River rafting trips get even bigger and even better when Harris Station Dam decides to test the generator turbines at full roar.  Lucky for those of us who love to raft the Kennebec, they nice folks at the power company tell us in advance when this is going to happen.

What does the big roar mean for us?  It means Maine whitewater rafting gets cranked up to a whole new level.  With 8,000 CFS (That’s cubic feet per second of water!) blasting down the Kennebec River Gorge, the waves get bigger, the ride gets wilder and out grins become enormous!  This ride is for the well seasoned and super adventurous – so the crews we end up paddling with on these Kennebec River rafting days are some of the most fun around on the river all season.

We have two Turbine Test release days remaining for 2010 September 11th and September 25th – then no more until next season.  That’s a long wait for us whitewater lovers, so we’ll be making the most of these two days, and keeping revved up on the memory through the winter until we get more turbine test days next spring…

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