Bill Green Features Untamed New England in his July 14th Maine TV Segment

Bill Green is one of Maine’s favorite tv feature reporters, with his Bill Green’s Maine tv show aired live weekly on WCSH6.  Bill came to the recent June 19-24, 2012 Untamed New England Adventure Race, hosted at Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort in The Forks, Maine, to check out what in the world the 49 international teams of elite athletes were going to do for up to four days (yes, you read that right- 4!) in Maine’s forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, and trails.

Here is his full report. Watch the video and see for yourself – Maine’s got it happening indeed when it comes to gorgeous scenery, lots of play spots, and world class venues to pull off this international adventure race qualifier for the AR world series. Thanks to the many folks and organizations who worked together to deliver such a great race for these amazing competitors.

Watch Bill Green’s Full TV Coverage of the recent Untamed New England Adventure Race

From Bill’s blog:

The ultra-athletes came to Maine for an adventure race. One of the first adventure races ever held was in Maine over this same country. The Untamed New England  Adventure Race covered some of Maine’s most beautiful and most rugged back country, for over 200 miles. The winning team took three days! Watch the highlights here.

See full coverage about Untamed New England here on their comprehensive race website.

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