Camping + Rafting = Good times

My group of 6 had a fantastic time at Northern Outdoors this past weekend! We stayed in the Cabin-Tents which were just what we needed. It provided the luxuries of running water and not sleeping on the ground. We were able to have a camp fire and have the ability to shower. It was fantastic. We had dinner at the Lodge, which was delicious. The service was great and we were able to enjoy ourselves that evening with entertainment afterwards. This also included dancing with the fabulous band and terrific crowd. After a bit of dancing, we headed back to our campsite (on foot since it’s so close by) and had a campfire and great time hanging out.

In the morning, we were up and ready to go Rafting! The Rafting Staff has it all down to a science. Most everyone rafting that day (15 boats of 8 people each) all rented wet suits. This was done in an orderly fashion which was amazing with all the people there. Once we got to the rafting site and were assigned our guide (Mackenzie), we were on our way. She was the best! I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. She’s personable, friendly and knows the river very well! She had us doing everything with precision. Lunch afterwards and the slideshow was great. I was sorry to have to say goodbye and to leave to go home!

I am definitely going to be back with more people for another fabulous time on the rivers! THANK YOU NORTHERN OUTDOORS FOR A WEEKEND THAT WE’LL ALWAYS REMEMBER!


Alison G
Arlington, MA

Rating: 5 *****

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