Chick Magnet

We had a great time rafting. Had done the Penobscot earlier this summer and was very impressed with how the trips have improved. Went over the Nesowadnehunk Falls FOUR times!
The younger kids in our families wanted to try rafting themselves, so we tried the Kennebec. Not as dangerous or challenging, but still a great trip that impressed our 10 and 11 year olds as well as the adults. Swimmers rapids are excellent.

We discussed with our guide my 16 year old son’s metal plate that is implanted in his chest and how it shouldn’t be a health problem, but mentioned that compasses point to it. Without missing a beat Sarah (our guide) suggested it is probably a chick magnet! During our lunch, the video guy caught wind of it and staged a quick interview that left a couple of young girls ‘sticking’ to his chest. I hope everyone liked it as much as my son did.

Northern Outdoors is the only outfitter I’ve trusted for 25 years to take my family and friends rafting, and I expect to continue for many more.

Chris H
Brewer, ME

Rating: 5 *****

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