Coolest Mother’s Day Gift: Free Kennebec River Rafting for Mom

Northern Outdoors Kennebec RIver Rafting Wanna win Mom over this Mother’s Day?  Our unique Mother’s Day Gift is a cool way to say "I love you Mom" and is easy on the pocket book too.  On May 8, Mom’s can enjoy a free day of Kennebec River rafting with Northern Outdoors.  The thrill of Maine whitewater rafting is guaranteed to be time well spent with Mom!

The experience of Maine whitewater rafting is a great way for families to connect while having fun on the river. This spring, we invite you to bring your Mom for a free day of Kennebec River rafting.  Stay for the weekend and take advantage of our value season lodging and rafting deals for the entire family.

Kennebec River rafting, it just might put the "Wow Factor" into your Mother’s Day Gift this year!