Corporate Trip for Top Customers

We booked the Point House for a two day snowmobiling trip with a few of our top customers. The Point House is beautiful, great furnishings, and easily has enough room to sleep 12 or more people. I can only imagine what it’s like at that place in summer!

The people at Northern Outdoors were great, professional, and courteous. Also, the food at the Kennebec Brewery caught us all by surprise. Whoever is manning the kitchen at that place was either trained somewhere or simply has a knack for flavor. Terrific food.

Whether you’re planning a warm weather trip or a cold one, Northern Outdoors has it all. For what it’s worth, I rarely take the time to write reviews, so don’t take my words lightly.

Rating: Excellent *****
Andy G.
Boston, Massachusetts

Northern Outdoors Snowmobiling

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