Dads Raft for Free on Fathers Day

Father’s Day is coming right up and we’re looking forward to seeing a lot of dads on the river enjoying Maine whitewater rafting.   There’s nothing like getting out on the river to make a day special – especially when dads get to go rafting for free!  (Which they do at Northern Outdoors, with one other full paying guest.)

Northern Outdoors is dad’s favorite type of place – lots of fun, great food, fresh beer on tap, and a great cabin to go back to at the end of an adventure-packed day.  Make a weekend of it  – heck if a day of appreciation is good, then two days are even better.  Grab a cabin and no one has to mow the lawn, take out the trash or do the dishes. 

Kennebec River rafting is an awesome experience that people return to again and again.  If Dad gets hooked on it, this can become an annual family adventure vacation.  Not bad when you consider the hearty eats and great adventures available to the whole crew.

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