Don’t Millinocket… Till You MillaROCKIT!

If you live in New England, there is little doubt that you’re wondering when the rain is going to cease. Rain or shine, the group that joined me on the Penobscot River were not going to be detoured by weather. The 9 gentlemen in my raft were on a collective 40th birthday Maine adventure vacation. Or as we like to call it, a “Mancation.”

Despite a bit of overcast, the day could not have been better. A great run through the gorge & crib had the boat cheering for more, and Nesowadnehunk Falls was happy to oblige. On the lower river, I came to find out that for some this was their 4th trip down the Penobscot River. It was an awesome day and great crew. I hope to see them again when they return to The Forks Resort with their kids for a Maine family vacation.


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