Dreaming of Whitewater Rafting

Gregor Roach dreaming of becoming a Maine whitewater guideI’m often reminded of how fortunate we are to live, work and help guests enjoy a memorable Maine Family Vacation as they explore the regions magnificent rivers, lakes and trails.

Just recently I received a nice email (below) from Bill and Gregor Roach of Sunningdale, Berkshire, England. Coincidently, I grew up in Windsor, Berkshire not far from Sunningdale and even as a young kid, I dreamed of exploring the U.S.A. – if Gregor keeps on dreaming he will live a fun, exciting and rewarding life too.



President, Northern Outdoors.


“Dear Northern Outdoors-


My son and I took a trip with you in July (29-31) and had an exhilerating but EXHAUSTING time.  My 8 year old son still is talking about his WONDERFUL WHITE WATER RAFTING EXPERIENCE in Maine.  He dreams of coming back and rafting the Upper Kennebec when he turns 10.  He loved our Guide and dreams of becoming one someday!!!  The pictures paint a story…

Thanks so much!  Great time had by us all!


Bill and GREGOR Roach
Sunningdale, Berks, England”


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