Excellent Experience Rafting the Penobscot River with Todd

My first experience down the Penobscot River was the weekend of August 25th 2012 with Todd as our Guide. I have since been back every summer (last summer we had Luke as our Guide)!! I even tried the Dead in October (Columbus Day weekend 2012). So far hands down, my favorite experience has been this most recent trip down the Penobscot River July 19, 2014.

We had 4 girls and 4 guys plus Todd our Guide. We surfed like no other raft out there! Todd was able to hold a surf for a long time and not flip us. We played A LOT at the playground. We were able to get our raft straight up in the air and not flip!! It was AWESOME!!! We even got to go down a little rapid on our butt.

All of the Guides are extremely friendly and knowledge about not only the River, but also Millinocket as a town. The day went by so fast!! We couldn’t have asked for better weather, better company & an overall excellent experience! Thank You!!

Rating: Excellent *****
Colleen K
Georgetown, Massachusetts

Penobscot River Rafting in Maine

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