Fall Foliage Adds Pop to New England Vacations

Maine Back Road, September 2010, The Forks, MaineWhether visitors are headed to Maine for the last release of the season for Dead River Rafting, to play at Maine ATV Trails and resort adventures or to try their feet at Hut to Hut hiking trips, fall is the time to really savor being here.

From the interstate to two lane black top to the gravel backroads, seemingly endless waves of color cover the landscape.

Lakes and rivers reflect the trees, sometimes making it hard to know where land begins and water ends.  Kennebec River rafting through the Kennebec River Gorge this time of year is nothing short of spectacular.  Even just sitting on the porch of a rental cabin, sipping a hot drink and listening to the breeze in the leaves and watching them fall is a special time. 

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