Farmers Almanac Winter Prediction

The Farmers’ Almanac: What’s in Store for Winter 2019?

The anticipated (albeit controversial) Farmers’ Almanac and Old Farmer’s Almanac winter weather predictions are out, and they both agree that this winter will be a snowy one for the Northeast.  If true, that’s good news for snowmobilers who travel to Maine to ride our 13,000+ mile snowmobile trail network, including the 100+ miles groomed and maintained by our very own Forks Area Trails Club.

Northern Outdoors Groomer

So, what exactly are the almanacs saying?

The Farmers’ Almanac, a Maine-based almanac, predicts a chilly winter with heavy snowfall, particularly in January and February.  Sounds familiar; remember last year’s Winter Storm Grayson that dumped 14″ in early January?

Farmers Almanac Winter Prediction

Photo Credit: The Farmers’ Almanac


The Old Farmer’s Almanac, a New Hampshire-based almanac, is predicting a milder winter in terms of temperature, but still with significant snowfall for our region of the northeast.

Old Farmers Almanac Winter Prediction
Photo Credit: The Old Farmer’s Almanac


Great, great….but how accurate are these predictions really?  The Old Farmer’s Almanac claims their forecasts average 80% accuracy, with some years dipping to 55% and others as high as 98%. Although these forecasts don’t tell a day-to-day story, they are supposed to give readers a general understanding of the winter and whether it will be above, at, or below average in terms of precipitation and temperature.  The Farmers’ Almanac noted their accurate predictions of last year’s major storms, including the two in early March.  These winter storms offered up more than 2 feet of snow in March and left us with some of the best spring riding we’ve had in years!

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Ask many meteorologists, though, and they’ll doubt the accuracy of these predictions…


So the question is, are we really going to get a lot of snow this winter? In Maine, it’s hard tellin’ not knowin’.  Feel free to keep an eye on our webcam and weather page to see for yourself, or better yet, book a cabin and experience it for yourself. All we can say is, accurate or not, we like the prediction of a big snowfall year…

What’s your vote: Believe the almanacs, trust in the meteorologists, or wait and see?

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