Footlogs & Footloose Maine Adventures

Footlogs on the Moxie Falls Trail, The Forks, ME - Northern Outdoors & PLCPhotoWhat’s a footlog?  They come in a couple of varieties – logs that have been cut lengthwise and logs that have been chunked into 1-2 foot high pieces – but they have the same purpose, to keep feet above of muddy and damp sections of hiking trails.  The long versions are usually laid 2 at a time down the length of the trail over large distances, through boggy or low lying areas.  The stubby footlogs span shorts stretches such as where creeks cross the trail.

Footlogs can be found on even short hiking trails, like the Moxie Falls Trail.  Visitors planning Hut to Hut hiking trips as part of their Maine adventure vacations or those folks through-hiking the Appalachian Trail will encounter many of these gems of trail architecture. 

Hiking is a great way to spend time as part of your New England vacation, and with hiking trails, both short and long, all through the state there is a trail for every interest.  Whether visiting waterfalls, hiking the AT or climbing a mountain, visitors love getting footloose in Maine.

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