Fun Trivia to Take on Maine Adventure Vacations

Mountains of Maine Book CoverVacations by their very nature are fun, but having a little extra knowledge about an area you are planning to visit can make a trip even more enjoyable.  There are plenty of brochures,  guide books and websites you can explore to get the nitty gritty details about an area.  The fun stuff often comes from more obscure sources.

Take the little book Mountains of Maine: The Intriguing Stories Behind Their Names for example.  This book, by avid hiker Steve Pinkham, delves into the history and origin of the names of notable hills and mountains throughout the state.  Sometimes the origons are simple — a mountain named for a landowner.  Or a memorable event such as a forest fire.  Some names have political origin, such as the changing of "Big Squaw Mountain" to "Big Moose Mountain" with the creation of a law that banned the use of the word ‘squaw’ in place names throughout the state.

Take a quick read through this book then toss it in the bag as a reference on your next Maine adventure vacation.  That ridge you ride across while zipping along a Maine snowmobile trail, or that mountain you see on a Kennebec River rafting trip might be noted in the book, and you’ll be one up on everyone with the knowledge of why it’s called what it’s called.

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