Great Summer Kickoff!

Two of my friends talked me into rafting the Dead this past Sunday. I was *extremely* nervous about it…I had never been rafting, and only learned to swim a few years ago because I used to panic when I went underwater. I had also heard secondhand stories of people having bad experiences (not with your company!). And then I scared myself by looking at the class designation of the rapids and the recent videos! Still, I felt like it was something that I had to try. I’m so glad that I did!

I was still chewing my fingernails and thinking of backing out when we got to the Forks. I started hearing stories of the previous day’s run from guests staying for the weekend and thought that maybe I’d be in over my head…literally! But after talking to the Northern Outdoors staff, I started to feel like maybe I could go through with it. I want to say that everyone was fantastic. I wish I could remember everyone’s names whom I encountered so that they can be recognized, but I’ll do my best! The girls at the front desk tried to allay me fears and went out of their way to see how things went…I think one of the girl’s names is Elaine, or something with an E? I told Chris that I was worried, and he was nice enough to keep that in mind when deciding which raft we went in. (He also helped the entire wave of rafters by putting a particularly….enthusiastic….group of guys together by themselves and sparing the rest of us their company!) Chad was our guide, and I can’t say enough about him and the great group of guys from Lowell, Mass. whom we joined in the raft. Chad was very patient with me and a great leader with everyone else so that we all had a great time…not easy to do when one person was scared and the others were ready for a thrill! I’ll admit that I spent the majority (ok, almost all!) of the trip holding on through the bigger water, but I felt very secure and let myself really get into the moment and love it! By the time we finished, I was ready to "go again"! The ride was fantastic!

Lunch was delicious, as was the blueberry lager. The Lodge is a great place to come back to and relax. I also want to say thanks to Victor…I was on his bus, and he also knew how nervous I was. He also stopped over to ask how I enjoyed the trip, and when my friend was bummed that she missed an opportunity to grab a few more of the awesome cranberry-chocolate chip cookies at lunch, he dropped a few off at our table. Just one more example of how thoughful everyone was.

Overall, if was a 5 star day, and if this is any indication of what the summer holds for me, bring it on!! Thanks, Northern Outdoors!!!

Carissa B
Camden, ME
Rating: 5 *****

Dead River Rafting
The Forks Resort Center

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