Great time had by all

We went down the Dead River on Sat. (5/28), it would have been a great time but our guide, Emily, made it amazing – dare I say perfect. Her personality meshed so perfectly with ours; we were laughing and singing as much as we were paddling.

The wait to get on the river was a little long, though understandable given the rising water levels. Once, we shoved off the fun started right away. 80% of our raft had some kind experience being on the river and it helped us take advantage of the fast moving current. Emily showed a great knowledge of the river and gave us a great ride.

We were one half of a bachelor party, so you know the jokes were being tossed around before we even hit the water. Emily fit right in with the group and allowed us to be goofy while still getting to work when we had to. We even managed to rescue 1 person and 2 paddles, all in a good days work haha.

Credit also has to be given to the person Emily was training, he was just as jovial as the rest of us (sorry that I can’t remember his name). I’ve been rafting and canoeing before – because of our 2 guides this was still one of the most memorable trips I have ever taken. Even as I write this a month later, I can still remember how much fun we had.

Lastly, as a homebrewer I have to say you guys did a good job with the beers. The IPA was average – but still good. The Wit was very good and perfect for an early summer day. The Doppelbock was the star – a lot of great flavors in that beer.

David L
Lyndhurst, NJ

Rating: 5 *****

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