Great Maine Snowmobiling Destination

I have been coming up to The Forks for the past 3 or 4 years. I always stay at Northern Outdoors when I am in that area. My family has a cabin on Moosehead Lake that cost me nothing to use but somehow every season I have to at least spend 1 of my weekends at Northern Outdoors because I enjoy it there so much I wish I was there right now.

The staff is so friendly and honest. One Year I was overcharged a snowmobile registration by $20.00 a week later I got a call saying, “we believe we may have overcharged you last weekend. We are going to send you a check in the amount of $20.00.” I didn’t even realize nor am I sure If I had been overcharged but the fact that the staff where so honest totally amazed me. I am looking forward to my next trip up if I don’t make it up again this winter I will be back in the summer for some rafting For the last 3 years me and several other guys have been coming up for bachelor parties and we are planning another one.

James M,
West Dennis, MA
Rating: 5 *****
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