Great Vacation

I usually don’t participate in surveys, but my experience at Dead River Rafting was nothing short of fantastic! It was my first time white water rafting. I was nervous. The staff was nothing but helpful, caring and exciting! It was very nice to see such friendly faces and staff who were actually excited to be there. My guide was Blaize. He was awesome! Two thumbs up for him! He made me feel comfortable the whole time.

Camping was wonderful. The campsite was clean and inviting. I’m a "city person" in every respect. The fact that I spent a weekend rafting and camping, and felt right at home, was amazing. I contribute a lot of this comfort and fun to Northern Outdoors. Smooth transitions between activities, good food, live music, and lots of fun. It was definitely worth the 8+ hour drive.

Zorah S

Zorah S
Stamford, CT

Rating: 5 *****

Dead River Rafting
Maine Camping

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