Insect Shield – Bug Repellent Clothing Makes The Outdoors More Comfortable (And Safer Too)!

Maine is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. We enjoy four very different seasons to fish, hike, ski, snowmobile, raft and generally revel in the great North Woods. As president of an outdoor company I get to play outdoors all year-long and when I’m not working I can often be found hiking, biking or exploring with my family and friends – it’s all good – summer, fall, winter there’s never a dull moment. There’s just one season I’m not so keen on – bug season, it generally starts around Memorial Day and lasts through until the first week of July. It’s not that you can’t go out in June, it’ just that you’ve got to make extra preparations to cover up, lather on the bugspray and prepare to get chewed.

So when I heard about Insect Shield clothing I had to try it. I ordered a couple of bandannas to start and they seemed to work, my neck didn’t get munched, so I ordered more; some socks, a shirt, a tee-shirt – the works, I bought clothing for my two young sons and it does the job. Insect Shield clothing is treated with a man-made version of a natural repellent found in chrysanthemum flowers. The treatment lasts for up to 70-washes and protects against mosquitoes, ticks, flies and no-see-ums. Now I’m not for a moment suggesting that Insect Shield clothing will save the world (although if you check out their Global Health Efforts you’ll see they are doing their bit!), but anything that makes bug season bearable and enables more people to enjoy their outdoor adventures has my support.

Give it a try for yourself, you can find it locally in Maine at LL Bean’s or for a list of national retailers go to, it just might make your next Maine family vacation that little bit more comfortable.

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