Jan 26 2012 Snowmobile Trail Conditions Report – The Forks Maine

The Forks Trail Report 1/26/2012
Weather Service is calling for 4” to 8” on Thursday night and Friday.  This would be a big help and would improve riding greatly.

Here’s the latest update: We have finally begun grooming some sections of The Forks Trail System. The warm temperatures on Tuesday, followed by the subsequent freeze up, means that there is ice in spots. Also keep in mind that although it is mid-winter, it is early season conditions. Ride with caution at all times. Generally speaking, trail sections on roads have pretty good riding. Woods trails are very poor, but passable.

  • ITS 86 heading east from Berry’s Store toward Greenville has been groomed. Intown is very rough, but passable. Once out of town, things improve somewhat. Road sections (Boise Road, Shirley Road, Brochu Road) have good riding.
  • Bald Mountain Trail heading south from ITS 86, has been groomed for the first 8 miles or so. Has not been groomed further south toward ITS 87.
  • ITS 87 south to Northern Outdoors has been groomed. This is mostly on the Divide Road with decent riding. Last mile into NO is rough.
  • ITS 87 south toward Bingham has not been groomed. Need more snow.
  • Kennebec River Trail has not been groomed. Need more snow.
  • Pleasant Pond Trail has not been groomed. Need more snow.

Jim Yearwood
Northern Outdoors Snowmobile Club

Food, gas and trail maps are available at the Northern Outdoors Lodge. Call 888-770-SLED for details.

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