Maine Adventure Vacations Can Include a Visit to Kennebec River Brewery

Kennebec River Brewery Beer SamplerThe Kennebec River Brewery is a welcome and tastely surprise for those visiting The Forks, Maine for the first time for Maine whitewater rafting.  Located downstairs at Northern Outdoors Resort, KRB serves up unique brews all year round, from Deer-In-The-Head Lite and Big Mama Blueberry Ale to the seasonal favorite Oktoberfest. 

On tap at the bar upstairs in the Kennebec River Pub are all the lastest offerings.  The sampler tray lets guests try 6 different beers in smaller glasses, making it easier (or harder if you like them all) to choose a favorite.  Any of the beer on tap can find its way home with visitors in our great new gowlers.  Six packs of Sled Head Red or Kennebec River IPA are often available to take home as well.

Many of Northern Outdoors cabins and campsites are within easy walking distance, so everyone in the group can enjoy a fun night out at the Kennebec River Pub without having to worry about a designated driver.  The perfect end to a great day of whitewater rafting New England style!

And for those who can’t get to The Forks this weekend, The Kennebec River Brewery will be taking part in the Maine Lakes Brew Fest at Sebago Point on Saturday September 25, 2010 from 11am-5pm.  Kennebec River Brewery Beer is also available at a growing number of locations all over Maine and Massachsetts for those fans who can now find their favorite beer closer to home.

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