Maine Adventure Vacations: Historic Buildings Add to The Forks Area Ambience

Maine Forest Service OfficePart of the fun of Maine adventure vacations is seeing great sites on the way through Maine.

Maine has many buildings on the National Registry of Historic Places.  On the way up Route 201 to Northern Outdoors Resort, visitors travel by several — the Anson Grange, the Free Meeting House in Bingham, The Carrabassett Inn in North Anson, and the Bigelow House in Skowhegan among a few.

Even buildings that are not on the registry are often unique and interesting, like the Forest Service Office or the Old School House in Caratunk.  Located just around the corner from where the Appalachian Trail crosses Route 201, these buildings have a charm all their own.  Travel a bit farther up Caratunk’s Main Street, and visitors will find themselves in a small town full of great houses.  No two little towns in Maine are alike and each has its own flavor.  It’s worth taking short side trips into a few of them to explore a bit more of what makes Maine special.

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