Maine ATV Trails and Resort: Rail Trail Riding Best Bet For Now

Maine ATV Trails and Resort - Northern OutdoorsMaine adventure vacations come in all shapes and sizes, and many folks that come to Northern Outdoors get here by ATV (all terrain vehicle).  We love it!  But due to the fragile nature of the trails this time of year, the connector trails leading to our Maine ATV trails and resort are closed for another several weeks or so.  The ground is still pretty muddy and wet behind our lodge, and we need a bit more time for the trails to dry.

We understand you still want to ride though cause we do too!  For the time being, our recommendation is to stick to more durable surfaces such as rail trail riding.  A rail trail is characterized as a disused railway that has been converted into a multi-use trail.  The good thing is that Maine’s ATV rail trails tend to be flat, long and frequently running through historical areas.

If you plan to experience our Maine ATV trails and resort in the next few weeks, here’s our rail trail recommendation:

After arriving at Northern Outdoors, trailer to the Moxie Lake Boat Landing and head to Greenville.  This is an old rail line!  Go straight down the Shirley Tote road and into Shirley.  Then take the railroad bed into Greenville Junction.

The age old saying is "know before you go" so for the latest ATV trail info, just give us a call or check out .

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