Maine Family Vacation Surprise

Benedict Arnold Historical Marker Kennebec River MaineDriving up 201 toward Northern Outdoors on a New England vacation adventure, Wyman Lake and the Kennebec River hug the right side of the road for long stretches.  There are several unmarked turnouts, and one vaguely marked ‘Historic Site’.  A small brown sign points the way to a narrow gravelled pullout with room for maybe two cars.  The historic marker there is simple, a plaque mounted on a small boulder on a bluff overlooking the Kennebec.  The view of the river is more impressive than the marker, but once you take a few moments to read, surprise takes hold.

Who crossed the Kennebec River at this lovely spot, and marched up the very route you are driving on the way to your Dead River rafting trip Benedict Arnold – on his way to fight the British in Quebec!  What is this?  A moment not only in Maine history, but the history of our country? A surprise find in an area of Maine known more for Maine ATV trails and resorts designed for outdoor adventure.  So when you’re driving up see us at Northern Outdoors – take a moment to stop at this site and feel the history!

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