Maine Gets Ready For Fall Visitors on Maine Adventure Vacations

Fall Kennebec River Rafting in MaineBring in the firewood and stock up on the hot chocolate!  Maine is getting ready for fall visitors.   Cool mornings and crisp evenings make for good snuggling up to the fire with a cup of hot joe in hand.

Days, however, are still warm and bright, perfect for playing in the great outdoors under a  canopy of brilliant fall leaves.  Autumn in New England like nowhere else on earth.  From the lakes region to the coast, Maine offers some of the most beautiful and least known leaf-looking adventures in the region. 

Take a Kennebec River rafting trip through the unique Kennebec River Gorge.  Hike to Moxie Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in New England.  Make a drive to from The Forks to Jackman on The Old Canada Road, National Scenic Byway, to admire the stunning views of Attean Lake.  Return to a cabin in the Maine woods and a roaring fireplace and steaming hottub at the lodge.  Fall in Maine is a great escape and we’re ready to welcome all adventurerers!

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