Maine Huts and Trails Hike and Raft

It was a glorious weekend to spend in the Maine woods. All new terrain to explore. An easy woods walk, the seven miles being adequate for producing an appetite for delicious dining.

Having hiked the hut in the Whites, I was surprised with the amenities you have designed and created for the foot traveler in the Maine woods. Thoreau would have been delighted with the accommodations. Dinner was tasty and fresh. A warm and cleansing shower, hearty breakfast all fine memories. A special surprise was the hiker who packed his fiddle and played surprising melodies by an open fire before a peaceful sleep.

We were met in the morning by our smiling guide Sandi. A beautiful sunny Sunday with great warm waters and lively powerful waves and current.

When I look at my face, I recall Satan’s Hole in detail. It is quite a variety of purple hues.

Thanks so much for creating a place for delightful memories.

Marilynn Vander S

south portland, ME

Rating: 5 *****

Maine Hike & Raft Adventure

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