Maine – Land of No Billboards

Old Canada Road Scenic ByWay Maine Route 201 - PLCPhotoAnyone who has ever travelled I-90 through South Dakota knows all they will ever need to about billboards, large and small.  Coming and going, I-90 sprouts billboards like weird rectangular shrubbery, and it can be a disconcerting journey for someone from Maine where billboards simply do not exist.

That’s right, Maine has no billboards.  Not one.  Not since 1979 when they were banned in the state!

Traveling on I-95, informational signs are small and unobtrusive, leaving roadsides free for moose-looking instead of ad-gazing.  This means visitors have a different experience traveling in Maine from the instant they cross the state line.

For instance, traveling to The Forks for Maine whitewater rafting or Maine family vacations or simply driving for pleasure alongside Wyman Lake on the Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway, takes travelers along I-95 and north on Route 201, aka “Moose Alley,” offering unbroken wooded vistas, back road glimpses of fishing holes and lake views that are not dotted with, or blocked by, giant advertisements.  Small signs in blues, greens or browns point the way to interesting attractions, locations and businesses.  Driving in Maine is an experience in paying attention in new ways, one a visitor won’t soon forget.

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