Maine Whitewater Rafting Fans Love Big Snow Years

Lots of Snow is a Good Thing in a Maine WinterThe 2010 Maine whitewater rafting season has come to a close and we’re turning our attention to the winter season.  Maine snowmobile guests will soon be heading this way to enjoy the great Forks area snowmobile trails, warm cabins, good eats and a fresh beer or two.  A lot of the folks come Dead River rafting or Kennebec River rafting with us each year, and they know that a good winter of snowmobiling means a good summer of rafting!

Maine’s lakes and rivers are always offer awesome rafting, canoeing and kayaking, but a winter of heavy snowfall means lots of spring snowmelt.  Lots of snowmelt means lots more water in the lakes that feed our rivers and thus lots of water come spring and summer. 

Those who love big, wet summer rafting have long since learned to love super-snowy winters as well.  So we encourage everyone to break out the skis, snowboards, snowshoes or snowmobiles — not only do all those toys make for great winter fun — but they are also part of a celebration of our interconnected seasons of adventure here in Maine

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