March Madness Expands to All Lodging 25% off Rest of Season

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March Madness Expands to all Lodging 25% off, rest of season

March Madness expands to include 25% all lodging (weekends & midweek) rest of season! Midweek snowmobile rentals and guided tours continue at 25% off for the rest of the season. We think we may even ride into April, BUT, when is the last time you could count on winter weather to cooperate? Come on up and enjoy #snowmobiling in The Forks, Maine while its “cold” and trail conditions are great!

We would tell you it’s a record March, but really, it’s just the same kind of snowy, cold, wonderful snowmobiling March that we used to enjoy historically here in The Forks, Maine. Riding all day, longer daylight hours, great sunshine, and excellent snowpack used to be the norm, not the exception. You’ll forgive us for our excitement at these conditions returning for the 2014 season, because it’s been hit or miss the past few seasons. If we don’t post another snowmobile blog for the rest of the month, you’ll know why – We’re Out Riding!

Join us.

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