First Time Rafter

The float was a great opportunity to experience the river, its movement and the surroundings. I enjoyed it. The drivers and guides were very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and confident. I appreciated the overview of potential needs on the river(clothing, leaving personal items behind, etc.) The safety orientation was very well done and prepares one for the worst and that is appropriate if undertaking an activity that needs to be taken seriously; especially if one is doing it for the first time.

I am not a daredevil or particularly adventurous, however given the easy going nature of the folks at Northern Outdoors, their confidence, patience and clear direction, it was easy to adjust to the trip and I had the time of my life. Trevor made rafting easy and safe and I found myself with the appropriate concentration on the task at hand and before I knew it, the confidence to be successful AND enjoy the ride.

I would love to return and do it again and again and would love to share the experience with friends and relatives. Keep up the outstanding work. You have earned my respect and loyalty! Thank you!

Joe T
Mansfield, CT

Rating: 5 *****

Kennebec River First Time Rafter

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