Northern Adventure – 15-yr anniversary trip

This was a fabulous trip. Although it didn’t start out that way , upon arrival at the resort our truck and trailer was stuck going up the steep hill to the cabin late night. The manager on duty used his own vehicle to help us straighten out the trailer and help us back down the hill. Then we finally were able to have a memorable snowmobiling tour on the groomed trails.

Upon leaving the resort we went to eat breakfast and realized my husband had lost his phone. We went into the restaurant where we were the night before and searched. The waitress saw that we were looking everywhere for his very expensive iphone and began helping us to search when we had given up. Next thing I knew she handed it to him; what a relief.

Then we went to load the snowmobile into the trailer and of course we parked directly under the roof which had dumped a large pile of now hardened snow into the open trailer. I asked the maintenance crew guy to borrow a shovel so we could remove the snow. He came over with two shovels and immediately began doing most of the snow removal for us. This trip was only memorable because of the overly helpful staff that make you feel like family. I really enjoyed this trip and was extremely grateful for all the staff who go out of their way to help. Also, the food was great quality and tasty and the atmosphere is cozy . I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who is an outdoor enthusiast.

Rating: Excellent *****
Denise R
Plainville, MA

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