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The Northern Outdoors Experience : Adrenaline and Mental Sharpness

northern outdoors maine white water raftingHere at Northern Outdoors we are simply some of the luckiest people in that we get to share our passion for rafting, snowmobiling, adventure and travel every day. We go to work as guides and hospitality specialists to have fun with our guests and to try and help spread the word about those experiences. The fact however remains that our guests always have very unique experiences and today we’d like to share one with you that comes from Breighanna. When we read her feedback letter we just knew it needed to be shared. Enjoy her unique take on rafting!

“My trip this summer was my first time white water rafting ever. I love kayaking and water sports but was not prepared for what was in store for this trip. There are so many aspects to white water rafting that one would never consider before embarking on this new type of adventure. The most surprising for me was the mental sharpness. Being 100% aware and alert of your surroundings but also your fellow rafters was critical in rafting. If you doze off for one second you could miss a command from the captain or not grab the safety rope at the right time. It was invigorating and addicting to have adrenaline and mental sharpness combined.

The unexpected connection I made was with every single person who worked there. Every raft captain had their own unique personalities and kept everyone laughing and having a good time. Back at the lodge, all the staff was welcoming and everyone really made you feel like family. The trip itself was amazing but also the feel and vibe of the staff made the trip what it was. Thanks guys! I’ll definitely highly recommend this trip and will be returning myself!”

Breighanna, wow, very well said and we really appreciate your feedback! We absolutely look forward to seeing you again next season.

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