Northern Outdoors: The Forks Area Snowmobile Trail Report 2/4/16

northern outdoors groomingTHE FORKS TRAIL REPORT 2/4/2016
We received about 4” of snow on Wednesday, followed by just a little rain. Temperatures are warm today . . . . in the mid-30’s but will cool off tonight and through the weekend. We will attempt to groom tonight, Friday and Saturday to get things as best as possible. We’ll do the best we can with what we have. In general, sections of trail on unplowed roads are decent and woods trails are very rough. There is riding out there but it certainly isn’t February conditions and, even with the snow we received, it is very low snow conditions. Watch out for unexpected hazards.

*** If you are traveling between Bingham and The Forks, use the Bald Mountain Trail instead of ITS 87. There are a few miles of very rough woods trails on ITS 87 between Moxie Mountain and the Pleasant Pond area.  

  • ITS 86 FROM BERRY’S STORE HEADING EAST TOWARD GREENVILLE/ROCKWOOD TO THE ITS 88 JUNCTION.  Intown is very rough, but passable. We can’t groom intown until we get more snow. Once out of town just a couple miles, things improve somewhat. Boise Road section is fair. Half mile Power Line section near Moxie Pond is very rough. Couple wet spots through there that are easily gotten around. There is a 2 mile section of plowed road due to logging, around Moxie Pond and on the Shirley Road section. You can stay on snow most of the way, by staying to the sides. Rest of the way up to ITS 88 intersection is in fair to good shape.
  • ITS 87 HEADING SOUTH TOWARD BINGHAM. Divide Road section to Northern Outdoors is fair. ITS 87 heading south from Northern Outdoors to Pleasant Pond and over to the Moores Bog area has a few miles of woods trails that are very rough. We can’t groom these sections until we get more snow. Riding ITS 87 south of Northern Outdoors is not recommended. If you are traveling between The Forks and Bingham, use the Bald Mountain Trail to travel north and south. Caratunk Spur is open. Spur trail up to the Moxie Mountain Lookout is open. Nice views of Bigelow Range and Sugarloaf/USA.
  • PLEASANT POND TRAIL. Closed for the entire season due to logging.
  • BALD MOUNTAIN TRAIL FROM ITS 86 HEADING SOUTH TO ITS 87Decent ride all the way through.
  • KENNEBEC RIVER TRAIL.  Is open all the way through. Last mile on the north end can’t be groomed until we get more snow, so it’s very rough but passable.

For day riders, the FREE PARK & RIDE LOT is open. The lot is very large, well plowed and can accommodate large trailers. There is groomed access to all trails from the lot. It is located right on Route 201 just ¼ mile south of Northern Outdoors. Food, trail maps, 91 octane gas are available at Northern Outdoors.

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