Northern Outdoors: The Forks Snowmobile Trail Report 12/31/15

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 11.34.26 PMWe have received about 18” of snow in the past week. This will provide a great base to get things going for the winter. Groomers have been out panning all trail sections, yesterday and today. Generally speaking, sections of the trail on unplowed roads are in good shape. Woods trails are rough. There are still some late fall logging operations that are just wrapping up, so there are some plowed roads in places. Go slow through these spots. With the warm temperatures around Christmas, the ground is not yet well frozen. Consequently, wet spots have not frozen over yet. Hopefully the packing with the groomers will help speed up freezing of the wet areas.

  • ITS 86: FROM BERRY’S STORE HEADING EAST TOWARD GREENVILLE/ROCKWOOD TO THE ITS 88 JUNCTION. Intown is rough, with wet areas. Once out of town a couple miles, things improve. Half mile Power Line section near Moxie Pond is rough. Couple wet spots through there that are easily gotten around. There is a 2 mile section of plowed road due to logging, around Moxie Pond and on the Shirley Road sections. Go slow through there. Rest of the way up to ITS 88 intersection is in decent shape.
  • ITS 87: HEADING SOUTH TOWARD BINGHAM. Divide Road section is decent.
  • ITS 87: heading south from Northern Outdoors to the Moore’s Bog area has a number of wet spots that haven’t frozen over. From Moore’s Bog area continuing south is mostly on roads and in decent shape.
  • PLEASANT POND TRAIL: Closed for the entire season due to logging.
  • BALD MOUNTAIN TRAIL FROM ITS 86 HEADING SOUTH TO ITS 87: Good riding all the way through to the Bingham turnaround. A couple wet spots to navigate around.
  • KENNEBEC RIVER TRAIL: Closed until freeze up. Many wet spots.

Bottom line is that there is some decent riding. It is early season, so you have to be very careful of hazards out there.

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