OMG What a RIDE!

My friends know me as a typical "city" gal . . . high heels, suits, working outside Boston, driving in crazy Route 128 traffic – you know, the usual stressball working stiff.

I'm lucky enough to have friends that live in southern Maine (having transplanted from MA) and I visit as much as humanly possible. They are my "sports" family and they try to keep me in their loop of RTVing and snowmobiling. God bless them!

Long story short – rafting was on my girlfriend's bucket list and she asked me to share it with her and 2 of her kids while the husband, another son and her daughter's boyfriend went rtv-ing. Sure I said – I can do that. I used to be a life guard so swimming isn't scary and how bad can it be? The photos show everyone laughing and smiling – happy happy campers. Seriously? They are smiling because theya re alive – at least that's how it felt! When I relaxed after the first rapid, I was good to go and would go again in a heartbeat. I learned all about smart wool, under armor and digging in. Totally cool.

The cabin was fantastic too. The lodge – to die for. If I could've ripped off the patio furniture, I would've. The guests were great too. But can I just say – I work in Customer Service for a job and in the communications end of that. Your staff is really something to mentor after.

Each and every single person from our guide (Nick who sometimes cooks too?) to the waiters and waitresses, to the barkeeps – really – all were fan-freaking-tastic. My group (the Joslyns) found ourselves saying that to eachother over and over. I can't tell you how many people I've given your website to because of this experience and I can't wait to come again.

Our last day there we hiked in to see Moxie Falls – another wonderful experience. Thank you thank you thank you!!! (The photo attached is of the Joslyn family – my "sports" family – I'm taking the photo!

Karee H
Westborough, MA

Rating: 5 *****

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