Our soon to be wedding venue

My fiance and I took a trip to Northern Outdoors on the opening weekend of spring/summer. We had randomly found the place online when we were looking for wedding venues. While we are both originally from Maine, neither of us had heard of it prior to this day.

Upon arriving we were a little shocked that there was very little to no cell phone service while we were there but decided it wasn’t much of a con, it just happened to be a bonus to getting away from the city as we both currently reside in Boston.

We met with Dawn at the lodge and she was awesome and asnwered all of our questions and then we stayed over for the night. The cabins were extremely nice and cozy, there’s a lake onsite which allowed for fishing to be close by and the lodge was very accommodating. We had the opportunity to play baggo, shoot some pool, play video games in the arcade room and of course hang out at the bar and watch the Kentucky Derby followed by watching the Bruins play. (Bad outcome to that game).

The drinks were reasonably priced, the food was great and also priced well and as for the beer, I highly recommend the Porter. However take into account it’s about 9% alcohol by volume. We were unaware of this prior to consuming our fair share and it made for a rough morning that didn’t include our goal of hiking. But overall the place is amazing and they sold us on having our wedding reception there. And now we can’t wait to go back.

Matthew C
Revere, MA

Rating: 5 *****

Maine Adventure Wedding Venue

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