Annual Maine Snowmobile Trip

We had a great time for the second year in a row – this seems to have become our annual trip!

However, the only down side was that our sled had some mechanical problems which did not allow us to fully enjoy its use most the day…the malfunction forced us to ride moderately slow, unable to excellerate as desired. It wasn’t until someone from The Hawks Nest, Jesse, stopped us on the trail to tell us that he could see the problem with our sled (skis) and encourraged us to return to Northern Outdoors with the sled so that we would not damage the ski further. We did and we were given another sled, but at this point, it was already almost 4pm.

PS. We Loved the "Diver Down" drink in the bar!

Deni G
Randolph, MA

Rating: 4 ****

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