Predictable Fun: Kennebec River Rafting

Kennebec River Rafting The Kennebec River is a dam-controlled river, meaning so water for whitewater rafting is almost always guaranteed!  The Harris Station dam, built from 1952-1954, provides the releases on the Kennebec River.  Harris Station is a peak generation facility, meaning that it is one of the power plants called upon to meet increases demands for power, such as occur when the temperature rises and more air conditioning is turned on.  Increases in power needs in the summer mean the releases from the dam are often bigger on the hottest days – perfect for those looking to get cool through Kennebec River rafting!  Bigger releases means more water in the river – which means bigger waves and more fun!

Harris Station is unique for its “black-start” capability. The station can begin generating power and come on-line without the input of electricity. Black-start generating locations help start up other generators in the event of a large outage. Electricity from Harris is fed into the New England grid and moves throughout the state and the surrounding areas.  This also means that even if the power is down the rafting does not have to be! 

Farther north, Penobscot River rafting offers even more adventure, will great waves and views of Khatadin, the highest mountain in Maine and the northern terminus of the famous Appalachian Trail.

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