Raft, Draft and Dirt

This afternoon, I checked out the course for the fun run component of the upcoming Kennebec River Brewery, Raft ‘n Draft weekend. With all the dry weather we’ve had this past few weeks I have to report there’s not a lot of mud in sight, although Wednesday and Thursday it looks as if it will rain, so things could change dramatically.

The 3.7 mile run starts in the campground at Northern Outdoors at 10.30am and winds north along The Forks Area Scenic Trail for about 1.85 miles. The first section is undulating with some nice views of The Kennebec River. The course then crosses route 201 and climbs a steep dirt road for what seems like an eternity, but is in fact just 0.9 miles and an elevation gain of just over 500 feet.

Finally, it’s all downhill, back to The Forks Resort using the ATV Trail. Be advised, this last section is rocky, muddy, slippery and steep, but once back at the lodge there’s plenty of hot showers and perhaps a cold handcrafted beer as a fitting reward for your morning run. See you on Sunday. 


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