Recent Groundhog Day Storm:Just The Thing for Maine Snowmobiling

Yamaha Tests Their Latest Model Sleds Along the Kennebec River at Northern OutdoorsFebruary 2nd was Groundhog Day, and Accuweather’s Groundhog winter storm was a definite event, complete with snow, wind, ice, and cold across the Northeast.  Accuweather’s forecast was dead on as we saw the snow pile up now in The Forks, Maine at Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort. We are happy to report over 10 inches of new snow now blankets the snowmobile trails surrounding our resort and snowmobile conditions in western Maine continue to be some of the best in the state! More snow is headed our way this weekend as well, check out the latest Accuweather forecast for another weekend storm for New England and the Appalachians.

We post an updated Maine Snowmobile Trail Conditions Report several times per week, read the most recent trails conditions report here Peak Maine snowmobiling season is upon us (typically 2nd through 4th week of February)- let’s go ride!

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