Recommended Rides in The Forks, Maine

With the recent snow, there’s plenty of riding in The Forks Area this winter. The second in our series of Recommended Rides takes us under the shadow of Moxie Mountain to the shores of Maine’s largest lake.

Ride the trail out of Northern Outdoors, to ITS 87. Take ITS 87 south. This trail will lead you around the base of Moxie Mountain for several miles, with spectacular views of the mountain. Head north on the Bald Mountain Trail to ITS 86. Ride ITS 86 east to ITS 85 (Trail Junction PS 11). Head north on ITS 85 into Greenville for lunch and gas. Greenville has an active “downtown” right on the shore of Moosehead Lake, with many restaurants to choose from and several shops to explore. After lunch, return on ITS 86 west all the way to the junction with ITS 87 on the Boise Road (Trail Junction ST 9). Follow ITS 87 south, then take the short connector trail back to Northern Outdoors.

If you have time and want to extend your trip, take a ride to the B-52 crash site on Elephant Mountain. Parts of the mammoth plane that crashed into the mountain in 1963 remain. There’s also a simple memorial to the servicemen who lost their lives. Just take ITS 85 north out of Greenville to the crash site (about 15 miles one way).

Scenic views: Mosquito Mountain, Moxie Lake, Moosehead Lake, B-52 Site, Bald Mountain, Moxie Mountain, Pleasant Pond.

ps. Read a recent article by local reporter Travis Barrett of The Kennebec Journal as he reports on his trip to the B-52 site with Northern Outdoors Trailmaster, Jim Yearwood. 

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