Recommended Rides in The Forks, Maine

As we approach peak riding season we’ll be releasing a weekly series of Recommended Rides from our Snowmobile Resort Center in The Forks.

Located between Jackman and Bingham to our north and south and Greenville and Eustis to the east and west,  The Forks is at the center of spectacular riding country with a network of varied trails ranging from technical mountain riding to wide open woods roads. Check out the Area Trail Map or better yet come up and explore the area yourself.

BALD MOUNTAIN / MOXIE MOUNTAIN LOOP (approximately 50 miles)

Ride the trail out of Northern Outdoors, to ITS 87. Take ITS 87 north to the ITS 86 junction on the Boise Road (Trail Junction ST 9). At this point, ride ITS 86 east to the Bald Mountain Trail junction. Head south on the Bald Mountain Trail, to ITS 87. Ride ITS 87 north around the base of Moxie Mountain, with spectacular views of the mountain. Take the short connector trail back to Northern Outdoors.

Scenic views: Mosquito Mountain, Moxie Lake, Bald Mountain, Moxie Mountain, Pleasant Pond.

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